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Environmental Health Division

Applications / Forms


Department of Human Services Inspections

  • Sanitarians inspect Child Day Care home and children's camps for health safety requirements.


Food Service / Restaurant Inspections

  • Inspection and evaluation of all licensed restaurants in Jackson County
  • Inspection of all temporary food sites
  • Foodborne illness investigations
  • Complaint investigations
  • Investigations of Smoke Free Law Violations with valid complaint form
  • Click here Adobe Reader is Required to View this Document to download form.
  • Click here  to view Jackson County Restaurant Inspections



  • ServSafe  Click here to enroll in this Certification for Managers
  • Adobe Reader is Required to View this DocumentClick here to download the ServSafe Jan-Dec 2016 Food Safety Manager Certficiattion Training schedule.
  • Adobe Reader is Required to View this DocumentClick here   to download the 2016 Free Education / Food Safety Education flyer.


Household Hazardous Waste

  • To download a flyer on latex paint disposal, Click Here Adobe Reader is Required to View this Document
  • Michigan DEQ Information Page on Household Hazardous Waste - Click Here
  • For Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Household Hazardous Waste Click Here


Nuisance Complaint (including non-compliance with smoke-free law)

  • Sanitarians will conduct investigations of health hazard complaints to ensure a safe and  healthy community upon receiving a valid complaint form which contains a name / signature and phone number.
  • Smoke Free Air Law Complaints - To download a form for reporting a smoking violation or report non-compliance with the Michigan Smoke-Free Law, Click Here Adobe Reader is Required to View this Document


Septic Systems / Onsite Sewage Program

  • Sanitarians evaluate land and soil conditions for the design of on-site septic systems.
  • These systems are designed to protect the ground water in Jackson County.
  • Field Sanitarians approve septic tank installations and repairs. It's recommended that your septic tank be cleaned every 3 years!
  • To download a form, Click here.

Soil Erosion Permits

  • Plan review
  • Site consulation
  • Permits / Inspections
  • To download a form, Click here.


Type II Public Water Supply

  • Type II Public Water Supply is a system serving any nonresidential facilitiy that provides water for drinking or domestic purposes fto 25 or more people at least 60 days out of the year or has 15 or more service connections.
  • Systems may be transient (different people) or non transient (same people).
  • Jackson County has approximately 275 Type II facilities.
  • Sanitarians work with the owners of the systems to ensure that the water systems are   operated in a safe and sanitary condition in order to protect public health.


Well Water Program

  • Sanitarians visit the site of new costruction homes or existing home to evaluate that a safe condition exists for the construction of a water well.
  • Permits are required and issued by the EH staff prior to well construction.
  • EH staff perform the final inspection when the well is complete.
  • To download a form/application, Click here.


Other Services

  • Public swimming pool inspections
  • Campground inspections  - Sanitarians inspect for sanitary conditions.



  • Click here for more information
  • Easy to use radon testing kits are provided for a $11.00 fee.
  • Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can be present in some homes. The only way to know if you have this potentially harmful gas is to test for it.


Animal Shelter 788-4464

  • Located at 3370 Spring Arbor Road
  • Animal adoption and other services
  • For animal control issues, call 911


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