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Advisory Council



The Jackson County Airport Advisory Council is a group of individuals from the community who volunteer their time to the Airport.  This body meets several times a year and is responsible for researching and making recommendations to the Airport Board and the Airport Manager on various topics which come before them.



The current Advisory Council agenda:  Wednesday, September 07, 2016 Adobe Reader is required to View this Document
The previous Advisory Council agenda:  Wednesday, May 04, 2016 Adobe Reader is required to View this Document






Advisory Council Members

Name Representing
Heath Beasley  Aviation Business
Robert W. Smith  Community Representative
Harold Burke Local Pilot/Hangar Owner
George Race EAA Chapter #304 (Secretary)
Carl Boylan Local Pilot
David Flynn Air Traffic Control
Jack Koch Community Member (Vice-Chair)
Alan McCardell               Local Pilot/Community            
Amy Torres Enterprise Group (Chairperson)
Tom Davis Pilot/Community Member
James Aiello Pilot/EAA Representative
Tom Cubberly Pilot/photographer
Andrew Van Holten Jackson College Flight/Solo Aviation 
Mark Johnson Corporate pilot

Advisory Council Meeting Schedule 

Meeting Schedule 

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