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Jackson County

Airport Board





It shall be the purpose of the Airport Board to determine the most effective way to maintain and maximize the usage of the facilities and functions of the airport utilizing them fairly for the several constituent groups related to the airport. This must be accomplished with due regard to current operational needs, and with the recognition of anticipated growth and its related unknown challenges, all within the limits of economic feasibility.



Board Meeting Agenda

The current Airport Board agenda:  Wednesday, September 28, 2016 Adobe Reader is required to View this Document
The previous Airport Board agenda:  Wednesday, August 17, 2016 Adobe Reader is required to View this Document



Board Meeting Schedule

For the 2016 Meeting Schedule for the Jackson County Airport Board click here Adobe Reader is Required to view this document





Board Members

airportboard2015Steve Wellman, Chairperson (bottom right)  

James (Steve) Shotwell, Jr.  Commissioner, Vice Chairperson (back left)

John Feldvary, Secretary (front left)

Rodney Walz, Commissioner, Member (front center)

Carl Rice Jr., Commissioner, Member (back center)

Michael Overton, Adminstrator/ Controller Ex-Officio Member (back right)




Board Meeting Minutes


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