East Side Hangar for Rent

For Sale or Lease 


Skyway Hangar #312
Skyway Hangar #109
Skyway Hangar # 103

For Rent:
Hangars pictured above ranging from $175 to $375 per month. Would consider selling. Contact Ben Jordan at (517) 206-4700


Hangar 159 on East side of Airport

Price: $325 per month. Newer construction with 42' door and 12 ' ceilings in a 46' by 30' hangar. Call John Brown 517-990-3616 



Hangar 119-E on East side of Airport.
Price: $16,000.
Call Peter Pronko at (734) 476-7196.  
Insulated and propane-heated.


Hanger For Sale or Lease East side of Airport.
Price: $16,000 or $180/mo
Contact Doug Henry at (517) 745-5340 or email dchank55@yahoo.com 

for more information.   This is a 6 bay hangar with 5 owners - Hangar 125 (1/5)
Approx. 1250 square feet
Ground lease approx. $450 per year
Utilities and insurance approx. $500 per year


Hanger For Rent on East side of Airport.
Contact Gerald Stetler at (517) 563-2609 or gwstetler25@juno.com for more information. 
Hangar 125
$180.00 per month (Other offers considered)  


EAST SIDE Hangar for Lease.
Call Bill Schlecte at (734) 302-1050.


Please call the Airport office for more information about County hangar rentals rates and availability at (517) 788-4225. Thank you!


Aircraft Partner Wanted - If interested, contact Bill Schlecte at (734) 302-1050.
Partner wanted for 1976 Mooney based at JXN. Fully IFR-equipped with Garmin GNS 430; 4-way intercom; new transponder, Mooney 2-axis autopilot; Stormscope; backup Loran; back-up localizer and glideslope; DME; new engine; plans to add new scimitar prop and 3-axis autopilot. Always hangared and in excellent shape. Owner doesn't fly as often and airplane is underutilized.

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