Runway Safety Project 

The runway safety project entails two major components: the extension of Runway 14-32 from 3,500 feet in length to 4,000 feet long with the installation of safety areas at each end; and, the relocation of Runway 6-24 to an orientation of 7-25 complete with 1,000 feet safety areas at each end. Runway 7-25 will be 5,350 feet long. Both runways will be 100 feet wide. Construction of Runway 14-32 safety areas was completed in 2008.


The Runway 7-25 project has nearly completed the land and easement acquisition process. Preliminary engineering of Runway 7-25 will be completed prior to the spring of 2012. A new Snow Removal Equipment maintenance and storage building will be constructed in 2012 along with a service road that will connect the east airport hangar area with the main airport ramp system. The Snow Removal Equipment Building will be located on Airport Road north of Wildwood Avenue. The existed Snow Removal Equipment building will be removed because it is situated on the Runway 7-25 taxiway.




FAA/MDOT Aeronautics Ten Year Plan
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