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Jackson County Friend of the Court





To better assist you, the Friend of the Court has compiled several forms on this page that are currently available at the Friend of the Court Office.








Address Change Form


Grievance Form

Judgment Entry Fee Refund Request

 Friend of the Court Handbook


Parenting Time

Motion Regarding Parenting Time

Response to Motion Regarding Parenting Time

Parenting Time Complaint Form

Enforceable vs NonEnforceable Provisions

Parenting Time Abatement Affidavit



Client Demand for Medical Payment Form

Filing Client Demand Medical Payment Information

Ordinary Medical Expense Tracking Log

Orthodontia Information Sheet


Child Support

Support Review Application

Motion Regarding Support

Response to Motion Regarding Support

Child Support Complaint Form

Child Support Credit Form

DHS 681 (Request to Discharge state-Owed Debt)

Consent Orders

Child Support - Procedures

Child Support - Agreement

Parenting Time - Procedures

Parenting Time - Agreement


Child Custody

Motion Regarding Custody 

Response to Motion Regarding Custody



Parenting Time Mediation Request
Custody Mediation Request


This page originated on June 29, 2015 and was last modified on June 1, 2016

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