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Juror Questionaire Scam

A Jury Scam has been brought to our attention - Juror questionaires that are sent to Jurors asking for personal information and having the jurors send them to a P.O. Box.


Jackson County residents need to know that at no time will any Jackson County Jury Representative ask for Social Security numbers or Banking information. All names are based on Drivers Licence numbers. All questionnaires sent out by Jackson County include a return postage paid envelope to return to our Jury office. The envelopes are pre-printed with both return and mail to address:


JACKSON MI 49201-2220


Click here to view a sample of a Jackson County Juror questionaire and mailing envelope.

Previous Scam Alert: Identy Theft Scam

It was brought to our attention that an identity theft scam is growing across the United States that involves "Jury No-Show" threats. So far, this jury duty scam has been reported in several states including Michigan.


Jackson County residents need to know that at no time will any Jackson County Jury Representative attempt to acquire personal information by telephone. Additionally, NEVER give any personal information to anyone via telephone unless you know for a fact, they are who they say they are.


Jackson County government warns County residents to be wary of callers threatening people with arrest for missing jury duty unless they provide specific personal information. This is a new twist on identity theft, and residents should be very careful about giving any personal information to strangers.

This is a scam. Here is how it works:
The caller identifies himself as an officer or employee of the local court or jurisdiction and tell the victim, that he/she has failed to report for jury duty, and a bench warrant was issued against them for their arrest.  The caller reassures the victim of the possibility that it is “just a misunderstanding” or “some sort of clerical error” that can all be straightened up on the phone. All the victim needs to do is “verify” their information with a few simple questions. The caller then asks for personal information, such as address, date of birth, Social Security number and other specific information which can include credit card or bank account numbers. Any reluctance on the victim’s part and the caller may threaten the execution of an arrest warrant for missing the jury date and for the failure to provide the information requested.

Here is the truth: Legitimate court employees will never call to solicit information. If a resident improperly fails to appear for jury duty, the Court will send any official notifications by mail delivery. The Jury Coordinator will only contact residents who contact the office requesting a return call.

Don't Be A Victim of the Jury Duty Scam


  • Be skeptical of callers who threaten arrest for missing jury duty unless the consumer provides specific personal information to the caller.

  • Do not comply with any request to “verify information” such as a Social Security number.

  • Do not agree to send the caller any written information for review.

  • Hang up! Do not be afraid to be rude, even if the caller attempts to play on fear of prosecution.

  • NEVER give out bank, credit card or Social Security information over the phone

  • Screen calls. Let the answering machine pick up calls from unknown callers.

  • Any person's receiving such calls should record the scammer's phone number (if possible via Caller ID) and report the call to the local Police Department.


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This page originated on June 26, 2015 and was last modified on May 11, 2016

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