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Jackson County Jury Office - Room 505
 312 S. Jackson St.
Jackson, Michigan 49201
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Jackie Niciporek
Jury Coordinator




Common Questions

 Q. I have vacation and/or work hardships. Can I serve at another time?
A. Yes. If you are not available on the dates scheduled, you may request ONE postponement. All requests must be put in writing on the back of your summons and mailed to:

Jackson County Jury Office - Room #505
312 S. Jackson Street
Jackson, Michigan 49201

Written Notice will be mailed confirming the granting or denying of your request.
** Postponed jurors will receive a new Summons with a new group number and new date 3 to 4 weeks prior to the new date.**


Q. How do I get excused from jury duty?
A. A prospective juror that has received a summons may be excused from serving for one of the following reasons by writing a note on the BACK side of the summons and return it to:

Jackson County Jury Office - Room #505
312 S. Jackson Street
Jackson, Michigan 49201


1. Full-time student
2. Active military service
3. Age of juror - 70 years or older
4. Non-resident of Jackson County (Including copy of Front & Back of driver’s license)
5. Jury service within the past 12 months. (attendance with pay)
6. Written statement from a physician.
7. Convicted felon.


Q: What if I don’t show up for jury duty?
A: You will receive a fail to appear warning letter stating you have failed to appear on a particular date. This letter will give you a number to call to resolve the situation. If you fail to respond to the failure to appear letter you will be sent a show cause hearing date. In this case, you will be expected to explain to the Chief Judge. If you fail to appear for the show cause hearing, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest


Q: How was I selected?
A: Your name has been randomly selected from the Michigan driver’s licenses and state identification lists from the Secretary of State’s office.


Q: I received a questionnaire. Do I have to fill this out and send back? Will I be summonsed?
A: Jury questionnaires must be filled out completely and returned within 20 days of the postmark on questionnaire. Failure to complete and return a jury questionnaire, providing false information on the questionnaire, or using vulgar or profane language in response to a jury questionnaire subjects a citizen to show cause proceeding for contempt of court. Disqualification from jury service is not granted based on occupation, religious or personal circumstances at this questionnaire level. Some jurors that are qualified by the Jury Board may never receive a summons. They are chosen randomly.


Q: How often can I be summonsed for Jury duty?
A: You may be summonsed for jury duty once per year.


Q: What is the average time I might spend on jury duty?
A: Your term of service will be a one-week or one trial period depending upon court circumstances, but you will only come in when your group number is included in the recorded juror phone message during the one-week term. Most jury trials last 1-2 days.


Q: The questionnaire is addressed to my son/daughter who is away at college. What should I do?
A: The questionnaire must be returned by law. You have two options; forward the questionnaire to him/her and have them return it, or you can attach a letter indicating their situation. They will be qualified by the Jury Board. If they are summonsed, you may send a letter for the student to be excused. College students can be excused at the summonsed level only.


Q: The questionnaire was sent to a family member who is deceased. What should I do?
A: By law the questionnaire must be returned. Please write “Deceased” in large letters on the questionnaire and return to this office. Please accept our apology for any distress this document may have caused you and your family.


Q: Who has access to the information on the Juror Questionnaire?
A: Only the Jury Board and Circuit Court staff have access to the Juror Questionnaire and that information is not public record. Once selected to serve on a panel, the Prosecuting Attorney and Attorneys involved in the trial have access to the second side of the Juror questionnaire only, which does not contain address, date of birth or phone numbers.


Q. Do the courts provide daycare or transportation?
A. No. The courts do not provide daycare or transportation.


Q. What do I do if I miss my reporting date?
A. If you miss reporting when your group number is called, please report the next time jurors are called in regardless of the group numbers. You must make-up the day you have missed.


Q. Where do I park?
A. Parking Lot #1. It is located between Wesley Street and Franklin Street at the far west end of the lot. A LARGE sign indicating Lot #1 is at each entrance. Instructions and parking permit are located on the back of your juror handbook.
Click here to view a Juror Parking Map.


Q: How much do I get paid for serving jury duty?
A: Juror Compensation is $12.50 plus mileage for the first ½ day and $25.00 plus mileage for the first full day. Everyday thereafter is $20.00 ½ day plus mileage and $40.00 plus mileage for a full day of service.


Q: Will I be given something for my employer to show my attendance and pay?
A: Written confirmation of your juror fee and attendance for your employer is available upon request.


Q: Does my employer pay me for missing work when I am serving jury duty?
A: It is the juror’s responsibility to check with their employer to see what their company policy is. There are too many employers in Jackson County for our office to know every company’s policy.


Q: What happens if my group number is NOT called during the week of my service?
A: If your group number is not called during your week of service, then your jury service is complete.


Q: May I use my cell phone or beeper in the courthouse?
A: You may use your cell phone or beeper while you are waiting, but no cell phones or beepers are allowed on or used in the courtrooms. They must be turned off or they will be confiscated and the Judge may fine the juror.


Q: What should I do if my employer tells me that I can’t serve on jury duty.
A: Make the employer aware of the law MCLA600.1348. In accordance with Michigan Compiled Law an employer must allow a juror to serve jury duty with no adverse consequences and must not require the juror to work longer hours in a day than customarily worked minus the time spent in jury duty.

Any unanswered questions may be directed to the 24-Hour Juror voice mail service @ 788-4384. All messages will be returned between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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