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Office of the Prosecuting Attorney

Office of the Prosecuting Attorney
312 S. Jackson Street, 3rd Floor
Jackson, Michigan 49201
Office Hours: 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., Monday – Friday


 Management Team : Phone -517 788-4283 Fax -517 780-4714
Jerard M. Jarzynka, Prosecuting Attorney
Kati Rezmierski, Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Cierra L. Sowle, Chief of Administrative Services


Appellate Division: Phone -517 788-4283 Fax – 517 780-4714
The Appellate Division of the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney takes a lower court’s decision to a higher court for review.
Jerrold Schrotenboer, Chief Appellate Attorney & Special Assistant Attorney General


Circuit Court Team : Phone – 517 788-4283 Fax -517 780-4714
The Circuit Court Team of the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney handles prosecution of felony cases. Felonies are crimes punishable by imprisonment in excess of 1 year and can range from retail fraud to murder.
Christopher Dickerson, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Steve Idema, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Nick Mehalco, Jr., Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Jennifer Walker, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney


District Court Team : Phone -517 788-4282 Fax – 517 780-4714
The District Court Team of the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney handles the prosecution of misdemeanor cases in the district courts, prosecute preliminary hearings on felony cases which are held at the District Court level and represent petitioners at mental commitment hearings held by the Probate Court.
Katie Branigan, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Kelsey McKinnie, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Doug Newton, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Jeremiah Smith, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Matthew Way, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney


Appellate/Circuit/District/Warrant Legal Secretaries:
Joanne Gancsos, Legal Secretary
Stacy Harris, Legal Secretary
Monica Higgs, Legal Secretary
Karen Meyers, Legal Secretary
Dina Peek, Legal Secretary
Vickie Prescott, Legal Secretary


Child Abuse and Neglect Division:
Douglas Newton, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney


Family Law Division Team : Phone – 517 780-4767 Fax -517 780-4771
This office is not affiliated with the Friend of the Court.
Enforcement of support orders or questions regarding child support should be directed to Friend of the Court office at 517 788-4470.

1697 Lansing Ave., 3 rd Fl, Northlawn Complex
The Family Law Division of the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney provides paternity establishment and child support services to unmarried and married parents living apart.
Kimberly D. Graham, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Connie M. Sands, Caseworker/Legal Secretary


Investigative Team :
Kaitlynn Panak, Investigator – Family Law Division – 517 780-4767
Duaine Pittman, Investigator – Criminal Division & Cold Case
Nathan Gross, Investigator – Criminal Division & Cold Case


Victims Rights Team : Phone -517 788-4071 Fax -517 780-4714
The Victim Rights Unit of the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney provides services and mandated rights to crime victims.
Susan M. Vogt - Coordinator
June Thompson - Assistant Coordinator
Heather Fiero - Legal Secretary


312 South Jackson Street, Jackson, MI 49201 (517) 788-4283 prosecutor@co.jackson.mi.us
This page originated on June 26, 2015 and was last modified on January 20, 2016