2016 Falcon Report

The 2016 Peregrine Falcon Breeding Season Live Broadcast utilizes a 3MP webcam located at the Jackson County Towers Building. For best results, a browser that supports HTML5 (e.g., Internet Explorer 11, or Safari 5) and Adobe Flash version 11.2 (or later) are required.
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2016 Live Broadcasting Highlights

  • Fifth egg hatched the morning of May 3rd, but did not survive.
  • Fourth egg hatched the evening of May 2nd
  • Third egg hatched the morning of May 2nd
  • Second egg hatched the evening of May 1st
  • First egg hatched the morning of May 1st, but did not survive.
  • Fifth egg was revealed the morning of March 30th
  • Fourth egg was laid the afternoon of March 26th
  • Third egg was laid the afternoon of March 24th
  • Second egg was laid the afternoon of March 22nd
  • First egg was laid the morning of March 20th
  • Big Red and Chayton made their first Live Stream appearances on March 7, 2016 at 1:22 pm


Peregrine falcons, "Big Red" and "Chayton" Historical Information

  • "Big Red" (Big Red is a femaleBlack/Red 33/K) and "Chayton" (Chayton is a MaleBlack/Green C/57) began breeding atop the Jackson County Tower Building, 120 West Michigan Avenue, in 2010 after a two-year effort of Chairman James "Steve" Shotwell to add pea gravel to their nesting location.
  • Over the past six years, “Big Red” laid twenty-two (22) eggs, of those seventeen (17) chicks fledged.
  • The peregrine falcon chicks were banded by the DNR, and named by Citizen Patriot/MLive Readers:
    1. (2010) Jackson (Jackson is a Male60/M), Ella (Ella is a female79/Y) and Ernie (Ernie is a Male61/M)
    2. (2011) Betty (Betty is a female36/X), Rose (Rose is a female37/X) and Sparky (Sparky is a Male14/P)
    3. (2012) Liberty (Liberty is a Male07/P), Justice (Justice is a female08/P), Freedom (Freedom is a Male09/P) and Grace (Grace is a female06/P)
    4. (2013) Millie (Millie is a female80/U), Cascade (Cascade is a MaleE/12), Coney (Coney is a female79/U) and Tower (Tower is a female81/U)
    5. (2014) Matilda (Matilda is a femaleC\33), Viking (Viking is a femaleC\34) and Titan (Titan is a femaleC\32)
    6. (2015) Walt (Walt is a MaleP/32), Bisbee (Bisbee is a MaleE/13), Comet (Comet is a MaleE/14) and Roxy (Roxy is a female83/U)
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