District 9 - David K. Elwell

  1. Chairman David K. Elwell represents District 9 (PDF)  which is located within the township of Blackman.

    David K. Elwell, is serving his ninth term as Commissioner. He resides in Blackman Township, and represents District 9. David's wife Sharon and all 3 of his children were born in Jackson. David graduated from Alpena Community College, as well as having completed basic police training at Jackson Community College's police academy in 1980.

    David has a long record of community service. He retired as a Detective Sergeant from Blackman Township Public Safety in 2004, having performed both police and fire duties since 1980. David has served on the Westwood Community Federal Credit Union Board of Directors for a number of years, including as Board President. Since 2005, David has been the Chief of Police for Columbia Township.

    David currently serves as Vice-Chairperson of the Board. In his time as a Commissioner, he has served as Chair of Personnel and Finance, Chair of County Affairs & Agencies, and several Ad-Hoc committees. Additionally, he has served on the Airport Board, Mid-South Substance Abuse, Region 2 Planning Commission, Community Corrections Advisory Board, I-94 Study Committee, and many other committees. David has not missed a regular meeting of the Board of Commissioner's since prior to his first election in November, 2000.

    As commissioner, David was instrumental in major improvements to the intersection of M-50 and Rives Junction Road in Blackman Township, following a fatal accident involving a Northwest Schools student.

    David is Pro-Life and was named the 2009 Jackson County Republican of the Year.