School at the Youth Center

The educational component of a resident's stay at the Youth Center is provided by the Jackson County I.S.D. Teachers are highly qualified, with many years of classroom experience and a passion for working with our students. Every resident who is in the building when school is in session is eligible to attend a full day of school. If a student attends school at the Youth Center for a period of 5 or more days, a report card is generated and sent to the attending school to be averaged with the student’s home school grades.

The Youth Center has a diverse population of students with ages ranging from 11-17 years of age.  Math and Reading levels vary because of this age range. Our staff is able to meet the needs of the students on an individual basis and help them progress, while obtaining school credits. Emphasis is placed on individual academic progress as well as developing habits that lead to academic success.


Ms. Mary Fedore

English, Math, Heath, & Physical Education

Phone: 517 768-2758

Ms. Alanna Snyr

Science, Math, Health, & Physical Education
 Phone: 517 768-2759


Ms. Candace Dill

History, Math, Health, & Physical Education
 Phone: 517 768-2756

Support/Office Staff
 Phone: 517 768-2746