About Us

Who We Are

The Jackson County Youth Center (JCYC) is a juvenile detention facility that serves the needs of court involved youth. The Youth Center is a part of the Jackson County Family Court Division of Circuit Court. All residents are lodged here by court order. JCYC provides two programs within the continuum of juvenile services in Jackson County.

Detention is a 24 bed closed unit that provides safe and secure detainment for serious juvenile offenders. The primary purpose of juvenile detention is the temporary care of youth in a physically restricted setting, pending court disposition or transfer to another jurisdiction or agency.

Treatment Programs The philosophy of treatment is to provide a safe, structured, and nurturing environment that will facilitate change and challenge the youth to change negative behaviors

Residential Treatment Program (RTP) is a coed 6-9 month program for delinquent youths ages 13-16 that focuses on a positive peer culture, parent education, family therapy, and individual and group therapy sessions.

Teen Intensive Programming Services (TIPS) is a coed 60-day treatment program designed to meet the needs of delinquent youth ages 13-16 years old.  Treatment modules include; anger management, teen practical life skills, trauma education, and community service. Individual and family counseling are made available according to the needs of the youth.

What We Offer

The following is a general overview of programs and features offered by the Jackson County Youth Center and is not meant to be an all-inclusive list.

Residents are evaluated by medical staff upon admittance and on an as needed basis for medical needs. All youth are given standard immunizations, when required in collaboration with the Jackson County Health Department and with parent/guardian permission. Access to on-site dental services is available on a monthly basis. Counseling services are provided in-house. Under certain circumstances, access is available to outside counseling agencies.

​Jackson County Intermediate School District teachers, certified in general and special education, provide an in-house accredited school program. High school credits are earned in the following areas of study: Math, English, History, Science, Life Skills, and P.E./Health. All residents participate in an academic program consistent with their ability level.

​Youth are provided with a supervised, structured environment. The residents are assigned their own room for their designated length of stay. A well balanced meal is served three times daily. Recreational activities are also made available. Nondenominational Bible Study is offered for those residents desiring an opportunity to meet with an adult mentor.