Convicted in 2017

  • Soonejoo Graham - Home Invasion 1st Degree
  • Aaron Norris - Assault with Intent to Murder
  • Jesse Irving - Armed Robbery, Carjacking, Home Invasion 1st Degree, Receiving and Concealing Firearms, Larceny of Firearms, Felonious Assault, and Felony Firearms 
  • Percy Taylor - Criminal Sexual Conduct, Kidnapping, Assault with Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm, Unlawful Imprisonment, Domestic Violence 3rd Offense
  • Scotty Bodman - Criminal Sexual Conduct 
  • Clifford Shoening - 1st Degree Arson, Home Invasion 2nd Degree, and Resisting a Police Officer 
  • Adam Stevens - Child Abuse 2nd Degree
  • Rowland James - Criminal Sexual Conduct
  • Antoine Williams - Armed Robbery and Felony Firearms