Park Millage

Now that the County Parks Millage has passed, how will the money be spent?

In the short term, we have already prepared our annual operating budget for 2019. This budget will be revised to allow for improved landscape maintenance, removal of dangerous trees, and cleaning of the parks next spring/summer. We will also begin repairing playground equipment, pavilions, and other structures in the parks system that our slated for continued use/operation, and also move forward on identifying and sealing cracks and wear areas on the Falling Waters Trail in an effort to substantially extend the life of this important asset.
Taking a longer term view, we will be establishing a series of town hall meetings, out in the community, near several of our county parks, to seek input from residents. This will allow us to develop a master plan of improvements for each county park, and then prioritize projects as well as bid project improvements in volume to save taxpayer dollars. We have evaluated each park already and have a list of repairs and improvements that need to be made. However there are many ways to address those repairs and improvements and we want to partner with the community in determining a plan of action.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. The millage funds will be available incrementally over ten years, so the capital improvements will have to be prioritized and implemented over that same period of time. Not all parks can be improved in the first year. The County Parks Board and the County Commission will ultimately approve the final capital improvements plan/ schedule.


Jackson County Parks Transformations

Sparks Foundation County Park

Sparks Park Basketball Court Transformation

Cascades Transformation

Pleasant Lake County Park

Pleasant Lake Playground Transformation

Pleasant Lake Basketball Court Transformation

Portage Lake County Park               Grass Lake County Park

Portage Lake Playground TransformationGrass Lake Playground Transformation

County Parks Bathrooms                Spring Arbor Road Trail

JCP Bathroom Additions and RenovationSpring Arbor Road Trail Transformation