Detective Bureau

Investigative Unit

The Detective Bureau is the major investigative unit for the Jackson County Office of the Sheriff. Personnel assigned to this unit are responsible for conducting in-depth investigations of high priority cases and major criminal incidents. Detectives in the unit typically oversee a case from commencement to prosecution.

Detectives monitor reports submitted by the Road Patrol Division thus keeping them aware of the frequency and nature of offenses committed in Jackson County. Detectives within the unit initiate criminal investigations through the use of informants and other investigative tools.


The Jackson County Office of the Sheriff recognizes the importance and value of teamwork. Detectives within the unit work in conjunction with detectives from the Jackson Police Department, Michigan State Police, and Blackman Township Department of Public Safety, to create the Jackson County Major Crimes Task Force. This team is utilized for many major cases occurring within Jackson County.

Registry Oversight & Local Agency Support

In addition to their normal duties detectives oversee the Sex Offender Registry to ensure offenders are compliant and to provide education to the community in areas of internet crime and safety. Detectives also provide investigate support to various local agencies within Jackson County upon request.