Street Naming and Addressing Committee

Street Naming and Addressing Ordinance - Jackson County

"This ordinance shall establish a Street Naming and Address Review Committee for the purpose of reviewing and making changes to existing addresses and road names. When non-conformity is identified, a thorough investigation by the 911/Central Dispatch Director and GIS Manager will take place. If it is determined the non-conformity interferes with the accurate dispatch and response of emergency vehicles, County services or U.S. mail and delivery services which affect the community's health, safety and welfare, the committee shall review the non-conformity taking into consideration a variety of factors recognizing that not all non-conformities require a change. This Committee shall consist of the following individuals (or their designated representatives): Jackson County Administrator, County Clerk/Register of Deeds, and representatives from: Jackson County Township Supervisor Association, Jackson County Department of Transportation, U.S. Postal Service, 911/Central Dispatch, Jackson County GIS, and an elected official from the affected governmental unit(s). This committee will meet as required and shall be chaired by the GIS Manager who will serve as the Street Naming and Address Administrator."


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