Teen Advisory Council: D.R.I.P.          "Developing Responsibility in Our Peers"

DRIP Jackson Youth

Teen Talk Project

In our Teen Talk Video Project, our teens shared their thoughts and opinions on tough topics such as: sex education, pregnancy, social media, and dating/relationships. Enjoy some quick insight from our Jackson teens!

Teen Advisory Council: D.R.I.P. Information Request Form

  1. The Teen Advisory Council D.R.I.P.- "Developing Responsibility in Our Peers," is currently accepting applications for new members. If you or your teen are interested in becoming apart of a unique, fun teen group that serves the community, educates peers, and helps you to develop life skills for success, all while dripped out in swag, then Teen D.R.I.P. is the right place for you! Please fill out the form below to apply or to be contacted by our Coordinator, Jasmine Isaac, for more information.

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