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February is Heart Awareness Month

Are you still working on your New Years' resolutions to lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more, and reduce stress.  These are great things to do to improve your heart health.  Take a look below at recommended activities for good heart health.

Healthy Diet

- Eat plenty of fresh fruits & vegetables.  Eating foods lower in saturated fats, trans fat and cholesterol and high in fiber can help reduce cholesterol.  Limit salt to keep blood pressure lower and limit sugar intake to prevent or control diabetes.  


- 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise weekly for adults and 1 hour so children and adolescents daily.

Healthy Weight

- To determine if you are in a healthy weight range, calculate your body mass index (BMI)
Stop smoking - Cigarette smoke greatly increases your risk of heart disease.  If you don't smoke, don't start.  Call 1(800)784-8669 for information.

Limit Alcohol Intake

- Avoid drinking too much alcohol which can raise your blood pressure. Recommendations Men - 2 or less drinks daily and Women - One drink daily.

You only have one heart.  It is up to you to take care of it.