Honorable Diane Rappleye

Probate & Family Court

Is located in the Jackson County Courthouse Courtroom - 4th Floor, in Room #409

Judicial Secretary

Dawn Sherwood

Court Clerk

Tasha Allen

Law Clerk/Court Officer

Brittany Paulk
  1. Approval of Orders & Judgments

    All Judgments and Orders involving Change of Custody, Support and Change of Domicile must be approved by the Friend of the Court before they are submitted to the Judge.

  2. Court Holidays Observed

    View the court holidays observed throughout the year.

  3. Courtroom Etiquette

    Read through details of expected courtroom etiquette such as rules around silence and talking; cell phone rules; and what is allowed on your person when in court.

  4. Dates Not Available For Hearings (PDF)

    View a comprehensive calendar of 2016 dates not available for hearings.

  5. Domestic Matters

    Find court forms, schedules, orders, reconciliation information, and more.

  6. Ex Parte Communication

    "Ex parte communication" is a direct or indirect communication on the substance of a pending case without the knowledge, presence, or consent of all parties involved in the matter.

  7. Inventory Fee Calculator

    Compute your inventory fee with a built-in calculator, and view details on how the inventory fee is calculated according to law and policy.

  8. Neglect & Delinquency Matters

    Find the related schedule, calendar, and helpful links.

  9. Probate Form Packets

    Probate Court employees are prohibited by law from giving legal advice. Probate Court employees are also prohibited by law from helping with the completion of these forms.

  10. Request a Video

    In order to obtain a copy of a digital video recording, the Digital Video Copy Request Form must be completed and sent to the Clerk's Office with a check.

  11. Schedule

    View the probate court schedule including domestic week schedule, and the neglect / delinquency week schedule.

  12. Self Representation

    Find descriptions of terminology, where to seek advice or attorney counsel, and more.