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Communicable Disease Reporting for Schools

Weekly communicable disease reports submitted by schools and childcare facilities are very important in helping the Jackson County Health Department (JCHD) monitor the health of our community. It allows us to monitor flu-like illness, gastrointestinal illness and strep throat which normally occur every year and also helps us to recognize higher than normal disease levels, which could indicate possible outbreaks.  As of 2022, COVID-19 is also reported on the communicable disease report.
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Individual reports of serious communicable diseases like pertussis or mumps allow the JCHD to alert those who may have been exposed to the disease, recommend vaccination and treatment as needed, and provide information to the public.

Schools and Childcare facilities are required by law to submit weekly communicable disease reports, in accordance with the Michigan's Public Health Code 368 of the Public Acts of 1978, section 325.173(9), which requires reporting within 24 hours. 

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services resource for schools titled "Managing Communicable Diseases in Schools (PDF)"

has additional information about monitoring and reporting of communicable diseases.

Reporting System

  • You can submit weekly Communicable Disease Reports on our HIPAA and FERPA compliant survey here.
  • A PDF version of the JCHD Communicable Disease Report Form can be completed and faxed, securely emailed, or mailed (see contact information below).

The weekly communicable disease report may be sent directly to the JCHD every week school is in session via the online method or one of the three following methods:

If you have any questions about reporting illnesses to the JCHD please contact the Communicable Disease Section at 517-768-1662. Thank you for your contribution to the health of Jackson County.