Requesting an Adjournment

Domestic Cases & Civil Cases

First Stipulation for Short Adjournment

A request for up to 3 weeks in Domestic cases will be allowed on a first request by stipulation.

Requests for an adjournment of Civil cases to the next scheduled Civil Trial date, generally 1-3 months away, will also be allowed on a first request by stipulation.

Second Request for Adjournment or First Request for a Longer Adjournment

A request for a longer adjournment or a second adjournment will only be granted after either a motion or a conference with the Judge, where all attorneys and unrepresented parties participate.

A case that has been adjourned under this provision will generally not be given priority on a trial date over a case on which the parties are prepared to try the case on the first scheduled trial date.

Good cause must be clearly established.

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