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Storm Response Update 3-29-2020

Our crew has continued proactively monitoring and responding to storm damage on county roads throughout the day. The following locations have cleared and are okay for travel, with one location remaining with water over the road:

• Boardman Road (westbound, Maynard to Airport) – Blackman Township – Clear & Ok
• Browns Lake Road – Summit Township – Clear & Ok
• Callahan Road at Michigan Avenue and Miner Road – Parma Township – Clear & Ok
• Dearing Road at Maci Road – Sandstone Township – Clear & Ok
• Golfview Road – Columbia Township – Clear & Ok
• Harr Road – Waterloo Township – Water over the road
• Idle Hills Road – Norvell Township – Clear & Okay
• Lippert Road east of Eckert Road – Pulaski Township – Clear & Ok
• Owens Road – Norvell Township – Clear & Ok
• Smith Road – Leoni Township – Open

Harr Road is nearly cleared of water and expected to be completely cleared by Wednesday, April 1st, 2020. Motorists are reminded to never drive through standing water, as the integrity of the underlying road cannot be determined. Additionally, residents should always stay clear of downed trees or utilities. JCDOT encourages the reporting of flooding, downed trees and utilities, or other issues by calling 911.

Updated 3/31/2020 at 6:35 p.m.