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In keeping with the best interest of children, the Friend of the Court will provide quality services

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Contact the Jackson County Friend of the Court (FOC) using this web form.

FOC will no longer accept emails sent to a FOC employee.

Please remember, however, that your form submission will be processed in the same manner and time frame as regular mail. Your inquiries will not receive priority over correspondence received through regular mail. If a reply is necessary, it will be in the form of a letter, through regular mail. The FOC will not respond via email.

Additionally, the FOC office will not accept a change of address (PDF) through online form submission, since a written signature is required, when reporting address information.
The public email address was created in response to State policy (Department of Human Services, Office of Child Support, Action Transmittal 2005-069), which prohibits FOC offices from sending email to email addresses, when restricted information is contained within the email. Restricted information includes social security numbers, Internal Revenue Service information, family violence information, or any other identifying information on a case. State policy also prohibits FOC offices from forwarding incoming email messages containing restricted information to accounts, including County-managed email accounts. accounts are highly secured State-managed email accounts.