Sexual Health Clinic

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) or Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) refer to diseases which are spread by a bacteria or virus that is passed from one person to another during sexual contact or exposure to infected body fluids. Some STIs are curable, while others are not. Many have serious side effects. Some STIs can cause severe damage if left untreated.

Clinic Services

The Sexual Health Clinic provides:
  • Sexual health information
  • STD testing - $11 for Jackson County residents and $41 for out of county. Additional lab fees may be charged. No one will be turned away from services due to the inability to pay.
  • STD treatment and follow-up for cases and contacts
  • Free Walk-In Pregnancy Tests
  • Free Condoms
  • HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing - Some fees may be charged for court ordered cases.
  • Confidential and anonymous counseling and testing services for high-risk individuals
  • Qualified speakers available for group presentations on HIV/AIDS
  • Nurses offer anonymous notification of partners for people testing positive for infection.
  • Take home medication for your partner for the treatment of some infections (certain restrictions may apply) 
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