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Updates at the Animal Shelter

Thank You Jackson Community For Your Support

Your Millage Dollars At Work:
What we have accomplished together since January 1st. 

  • Extended hours to accommodate working families in our community. 
  • Pet therapy visits and tours as requested for any business, school or organization in our community. 
  • Animal Control is back patrolling and keeping Jackson County safe by removing dangerous dogs, pursuing cruelty cases and neglect complaints and securing dogs running at large.
  • Improved dog and cat diets! All animals receive a consistent diet of Hill’s Science Diet to reduce digestive upset and overall better health. 
  • Increase in staff, including a full time Veterinary Technician and full time Shelter Attendant. 
  • All animals receive microchip prior to adoption. 
  • Paperless adoptions.
  • Coming soon!! You can get your dog license conveniently at the shelter! 
  • Robust volunteer program. 
  • Microchips and rabies vaccines available to the public, no appointment necessary. 
  • Innovative efforts to find new families for homeless pets and return stray pets to their owners. 
  • Improved social media presence to reduce the length of stay for adoptable animals. 
  • Kennel inspections 100% complete. 
  • ZERO animals were euthanized due to lack of space!! 

What's coming in 2020! 
Capital improvements to accommodate our animals and reduce disease transmission by creating space for separation between stray animals coming in and fully vetted, adoptable animals.

2019 2nd Quarter ACO Report

ACO 2nd Quarter 2019 ReportTotal Response to calls: 651
Bite Cases/Response: 53
Abuse/Neglect/Abandonment cases: 42
Public Engagement/Education: 12

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Stress Relief Day Fundraiser - Mrs. Hauffbauer's Leadership Class

Mrs Hauffbauers Leadership Class Fundraiser

 Stress Relief Day at Northwest High School was part of Mrs. Hauffbauer’s Leadership Class service-learning project. Students collected donations for the Jackson County Animal Shelter (JCAS) by charging for visits with the animals. Students could pay $3 for 10 minutes of playtime with the animals. In total the class raised $432 which will be used at JCAS to further the shelter animal enrichment program. A huge thank you from the staff and animals! 

Also check out MLive’s article to see more pictures of the students having fun! 


Cat Room Addition

400-square-foot cat room planned for Jackson County Animal Shelter

Veterinarian Cathy Anderson's dream for the Jackson County Animal Shelter was an open, natural living space in which cats could roam around.

After hearing this, Nancy O'Keefe, vice president of Friends of the Animals for the Jackson Area, told Anderson the group could help her realize that dream.

Due to a large donation from the late Mary Flannery to the Friends of the Animals group, this dream project became feasible. A 400-square-foot addition to JCAS for the cat room is being planned. 

Read more on MLive

Cat Room Addition Offer Accepted

The Friends Of The Animals For The Jackson Area, Inc. offer of financing and constructing an estimated 400 square foot addition to the Cat Room is timely. JCAS has made great strides over the last several years by increasing the standards of care for animals in its possession and reaching out to the community at large with off-site and on-site adoption events. Our volunteer base has been growing and JCAS has developed in-house programs to assist our volunteers in there service. This State of the Art addition to the existing Cat Room will provide a simulated “living room environment” for the confinement and sheltering of cats. Not only will this sheltering arrangement help decrease stress levels for the cats, but an added benefit of the lower stress levels will be decreased disease infection rates. The adoption process is also anticipated to be enhanced as this addition will also have a central sitting area for adoption counseling services.

The Jackson County Animal Shelter has benefitted greatly due to “Friends” donations of financial support for large scale projects that would have not occurred otherwise. 

"This would give the cats a more natural living space that's more stress free," O'Keefe said. "People can view the cats better and then they can take them out and interact with them in a nicer environment." 
Read the full press release here (PDF)