Community Corrections Advisory Board


  • Noon
  • Meetings usually quarterly – March, June, Sept., December
  • Jackson County Courthouse
    512 Court Building
    312 S Jackson Street
    Jackson, MI 49201
Community Corrections Graphic


  • Kathy Arnold, Circuit Court Probation
  • Tammy Barrett, District Court Probation
  • David Elwell, County Commissioner
  • Tom Finco, County Sheriff
  • John Holda, Chief of Police
  • David Lady, Criminal Defense
  • Tony Lewis, Service Area

  • Barry Marsh, Business Community
  • R. Darryl Mazur, District Court Judge
  • John McBain, Circuit Court Judge
  • Diane Rappleye, Probate Court Judge
  • Judy Reynolds, General Public
  • Matt Schepeler, Communications Media
  • Hank Zavislak, County Prosecutor


The Community Corrections Advisory Boards' primary responsibility is the development of a comprehensive corrections plan consistent with the requirements of P.A. 511 and the criteria, standards, rules and policies developed by the State Board pursuant to Section 4 of the Act.