County Clerk

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Since the State Constitution of 1835, the office of County Clerk has been elective. The first clerk of Jackson County took office in 1833 upon organization of the county. The County Clerk is elected on a partisan basis every four (4) years.


The County Clerk is Clerk of the Circuit Court and has the care and custody of the county seal, all records, books and papers pertaining to the office. The Clerk also files and records all civil, criminal and divorce proceedings under the court's direction and maintains the vital records and documents essential to the residents of Jackson County. The County Clerk also administers oaths and prepares apportionment certificates for local governments.

The County Clerk is Clerk to the Jackson County Board of Commissioners and prepares and maintains custody of all proceedings of minutes which are permanent records for the following:

  • Chairman of the County Election Scheduling Committee
  • Chief Election Official of the County
  • Clerk of the County Jury Board
  • Clerk of the Concealed Weapon Licensing Board
  • Clerk of the County Board of Canvassers
  • Clerk of the County Board of Commissioners
  • Clerk of the County Apportionment Commission
  • Clerk of the Election Commission
  • Clerk of the County Plat Board
  • Vital Records Registrar