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Letter From Sheriff Gary Schuette  

Hello, I am Jackson County Sheriff Gary Schuette, Jackson County’s 46th Sheriff.

In general, the Sheriff’s duties are specified in Articles I and VII in the Michigan Constitution. In addition, there are over 300 separate statutory requirements directing the Office of the Sheriff. In short, the Sheriff is responsible for the enforcement of law and maintenance of peace, to keep and maintain a jail, and the service of all court process, within the county.

I am a lifelong resident of Jackson County and I care deeply for resident’s safety. I believe strongly in effective law enforcement strategies to combat crime and increase the quality of life for all residents. This can be complicated in a free society, and it often involves participation from individual residents and community groups to ensure a balanced approach.

My staff and I are dedicated to making Jackson County a safe community to live, work, and play. I hope that you find this website helpful and informative. Please feel free to email me with comments or suggestions.

- Sheriff Gary Schuette