Court Visitations / Law Day

Public Court Proceedings

Court Proceedings are open to the public, unless closed by order of the court. The administration of the court encourages members of the public to visit the court to learn more about the court and court processes. Classroom and group visitations can be arranged by calling the administration of the court. We request that you contact the court prior to your visit. By informing us of your visit, we will be in a position to facilitate your visit so that the time that you spend with us will be the most beneficial to your students/group.

Law Day

May 1st is the celebration of Law Day. This day is a special day annually celebrated by those in the legal community to call to the attention of every American citizen both the principles and practice of American law and justice. It is a day to reflect on our legal heritage and the role of law in our society as well as the rights we enjoy under our Constitution. Knowledge of The Law and participation in the evolution of the Law is imperative for the maintenance of a free society.

Stronger Due to Justice System

Since its inception in 1957, Law Day has made many people more aware of the fact that our legal system is a cornerstone of our way of life. This worthy program, through its ambitious events, reinforces the responsibility each American has as an informed and involved citizen to the community and to every other individual. Only in the acceptance of this challenge by every citizen can our state and nation continue to grow stronger in our liberties and opportunities.

Law Week

Because of the popular success of court visitations on Law Day, the court has designated the first week of February, May and November as "Law Week." During Law Week, students visit the court and observe court proceedings. Judges and administrators are available to discuss the legal process in Jackson County with students.

Student Visits - Contact Information

Administrators or teachers who are interested in having their students visit the Courthouse to have the opportunity to experience courtroom activities and ask questions about legal processes may contact Jaislyn or call 517-768-6885 during regular business hours, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.