What if I have received a civil infraction traffic ticket?
If you have received a civil infraction traffic ticket, you may respond in 1 of 4 ways.

First, you may admit responsibility for the violation and pay the fine associated with the offense(s). To determine the fine/cost of your ticket, you may contact us directly at 517-788-4250.

Second, you may admit responsibility with an explanation. This is your opportunity to write a letter to the magistrate explaining how or why you received the citation. The magistrate will review your explanation, along with your driving record, and the court will advise you in writing of the magistrate’s decision.

Third, you may ask the court for an informal hearing where you and the police officer can explain to the judge or magistrate what happened. Attorneys are not allowed at informal hearings.

Fourth, you may ask for a formal hearing where the prosecutor will have to show that traffic laws were violated. You may hire an attorney to represent you at a formal hearing.

If you do not respond in 1 of these 4 ways, a default judgment will be issued and your driver's license will eventually be suspended.

View a list of our traffic fines and costs on the Published Fines and Costs Schedule page.

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