Understanding the Response

Types of Responses

Not all documents held by the Sheriff's Office are available under FOIA. Law enforcement entities hold records that are specifically exempt under MCL 15.243(b), MCL 15.243(n), MCL 15.243(s), and MCL 15.243(y) of the Freedom of Information Act. The FOIA Coordinator may respond to your public document request in the following manor:
  1. Ten Day Extension - The Sheriff's Office may take a 10 business day extension
  2. Granting the Request - The Sheriff's Office is providing the public records sought in its "entirety."
  3. Denying The Request - The Sheriff's Office is denying the request in its entirety and which exemption applies.
  4. Partially Granting or Denying - The Sheriff's Office is partially providing the requested documents and denying part of the request. The Coordinator will list the exemption that applies to the denied records.
  5. Redacted Request - The Sheriff's Office is providing the documents, however portions of the record have been redacted. The Coordinator will provide a specific reason for the redaction.
  6. Non-Existent Record - The requested record does not exist.