All Permit Applications Can Be Submitted Online Through Oxcart Permits at


To apply for a driveway permit and ensure there are no processing hiccups, please complete all of the THREE following steps:

1. Complete a Driveway Permit Application. All driveway permits require an application. The fillable PDF link to the application is linked below:

Driveway Permit Application (Fillable PDF)

2. Send the completed Driveway Permit Application to our JCDOT office via one of the three options:

3. Submit the required payment for the permit via one of the two options:

Payment Option 1: Online Payment Process (Credit Card *) – to submit a payment via credit card, please select the desired driveway permit you are applying for:

*A service fee will apply

Payment Option 2: Check or Cashto submit a payment via cash or check, you can schedule an appointment by calling 517-788-4230 and drop the payment off with your completed application or mail the payment via cash or check with your completed application to 2400 North Elm Road, Jackson, MI 49201.

Please note that checks can be made payable to: Jackson County Department of Transportation or JCDOT.

Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permit Fees