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County of Jackson Business Hours Meeting Room Form

  1. This form must be filled out and signed by the host of the meeting, and received by the Facilities Department at least 1 week before the scheduled meeting. Use this form to request the Tower Building front door lock and unlock times for a scheduled meeting. A motion detector just inside the front door will be programmed to allow exiting up to 1 hour after the door lock time. This will allow exiting from the building for 1 hour after it is locked.
  2. At the close of the meeting, the host is responsible for: 1. Locking the meeting room door. 2. Making sure everyone has exited the building (Please print legibly)
  3. (A time to allow entry before the meeting starts.)
  4. A motion detector for exiting will be set for 1 hour after the meeting end time.
    This will allow exiting from the building even though the building is locked.
  5. (lock time can be earlier than the meeting end time.)
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